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OpenForum Europe welcomes the European Commission's Cloud strategy, but questions its choice of coordinator in the process of identifying key Cloud standards

OFE - OpenForum Europe (OFE) welcomes the European Commission's approach to Cloud Computing laid out in its strategy paper published today, in particular its emphasis on the need to develop technical standards that will play a crucial role in ensuring that Cloud Computing remains an open, interoperable and innovative environment.

With a clear set of industry-wide standards Europe will be able to prevent individual Cloud suppliers from locking their users into their own closed and proprietary Cloud offerings. Earlier revolutions in computing, such as the birth of the personal computer, were hampered by this type of lock-in. It appears that the Commission is determined to avoid the same thing happening with Cloud Computing.

The Commission's emphasis on avoiding protectionism and its vision of a global, interconnected Cloud market show a clear understanding of how best to harness the full potential that Cloud Computing offers to users, whether they be businesses, individuals or governments.