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Press release: New EU Standards Regulation to boost innovation

Recognition of standards from industry fora and consortia will boost innovation

Openforum Europe welcomes the agreement reached between European lawmakers to recognize ICT standards approved by industry fora and consortia without undue red tape.

 The agreement is a very good one which will help to boost innovation primarily, but not exclusively, in the public sector.

 The agreement on fora and consortia is part of a wide-ranging regulation designed to modernize the standards system in Europe. The regulation was endorsed by the European Parliament by an overwhelming majority during its Plenary session in Strasbourg today, and will enter into force in the 27 countries of the European Union on January 1st.

 Government agencies and ministries are heavy users of ICT. Yet in Europe until now they have been prevented from directly referencing standards agreed by global industry fora and consortia such as the W3C – a consortium that approves standards for the World Wide Web. They could only reference standards agreed by formal standards bodies.

 The new regulation will for the first time permit government ministries and agencies in Europe to reference the full range of standards that are available to the private sector.