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Will Europe choose to burden the cloud with private copying levies?

OFE Press Release - Brussels -  On February 17, Members of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted on the Castex Report on private  copying levies. Choosing to ignore the important questions raised in the Vitorino recommendations regarding the need to modernise the current system, the Parliament report proposes to expand the scope of private copying levies to include cloud services :

« Stresses that private copying exception arrangements should apply to certain online
services, including certain cloud computing services; »

We have already explained why we think this is a bad idea. Private copying levies are an outdated system created in an age of physical media and are not fit to the new digital reality. They apply blindly and indiscriminately over professional, private and user-generated content, harming nearly all Europeans. By doing so, they impose a competitive drag on the European economy and hamper the development of the digital single market. Disappointingly, the Castex Report turns a blind eye on these problems and proposes « more of the same » by recommending to significantly expand the scope of private copying levies.

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