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ARM says its chips and Linux will sweep the industry

The Inquirer - Chip designer ARM has said that vendors are looking to standardise on both one chip architecture and a single operating system such as Linux across their product lines.

With many of ARM's licensees preparing to make a big splash in the server market, the firm claimed its architecture is the only one that scales from smartphones all the way up to servers. Lakshmi Mandyam, ARM director of Server Systems and Ecosystems told The INQUIRER that the ability to stick with one chip vendor and run the same operating system throughout its product stack is something "people find very interesting".

ARM expects most of its servers to end up powering open source software stacks, which strongly suggests Linux as the underlying operating system, especially since FreeBSD's ARM port is seemingly in a state of flux. According to Mandyam, companies are increasingly interested in concentrating on a single processor and software stack, saying that vertical integration - the term given to keeping everything in-house - is once again becoming fashionable.