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Canonical's Snappy Ubuntu Core signs Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon

The Inquirer - Canonical has announced a new series of partnerships for the Internet of Things (IoT) aimed at the industrial and telecoms sectors.

"Certified and supported Ubuntu platforms set the standard for safety and security in connected devices," said Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu.

"Device manufacturers who choose Ubuntu Core on certified platforms now have a popular platform that meets corporate and government requirements for security updates and management."

Canonical's Snappy Ubuntu Core platform was launched recently and aims to replace generic and proprietary systems with a range of products based around a simple, standard operating system.

Canonical makes the point in a blog post: "The device market is historically fragmented, with little established provenance for software installed on access points, switches, routers and industrial controllers."

Snappy Ubuntu Core is designed to allow every module of a system to be associatively upgraded and deployed from a single command, making it ideal for large-scale systems over multiple locations.

The INQUIRER spoke to Ubuntu head honcho Mark Williams at the launch of Ubuntu core.