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Copenhagen shares code and data bike navigation app

Joinup - The Danish capital, Copenhagen, has been making available the open source code for its bicycle navigation app, I Bike CPH. The app will be demonstrated at Traffic Jam Session, a public transport innovation hackathon next week Tuesday to Thursday in the Swedish city of Malmö.

The Technical and Environmental Department of the City of Copenhagen has created a website and iPhone/Android app for navigating in the city, and the rest of Denmark. The service is based on data from OpenStreetMap data and is made available as open source. The app can easily be adapted to be used by other municipalities, including in other countries, says Emil Tin, an IT and Process Specialist for the city and project manager of I Bike CPH routeplanner project.

The IT specialist Tin will be demonstrating I Bike CPH all Tuesday in Malmö. "I will bring the I Bike CPH routeplanner, to demonstrate for example how to search for bicycle routes, the use of map tiles and how to calculate alternative routes using Openstreetmap data."