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IT Industry Welcomes Govt's Draft Policy Of Adopting Open Source

EFY TImes - The Indian Government's draft policy to go the open source way has been welcomed by the IT professionals all across the nation. The kind of response got for the story, speaks volumes about the fact that the industry is excited about the move planned by the Government of India.

The Government has been talking of the open source-based systems for long, but for the first time it is working on a policy on the use of operating systems and device drivers in all new e-governance projects. According to the latest draft policy on e-governance, all new projects must work on open source operating systems only. The draft policy on Device Drivers For Procurement Of Hardware For E-governance says, “Government of India (GOI) endeavours to provide e-governance services, which are technology-neutral, cost effective, interoperable and vendor-neutral. GOI Policy on open standards is a step towards meeting this objective in the development of e-governance applications.” The policy shall apply to all the new e-governance projects as well as the existing ones.