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Linux Foundation: Windows 8 is stuck in a "liminal space"

Computer Weekly - What does the open source world think of Windows 8?

Now there's a loaded question surely?

If Microsoft has reinvented and reengineered itself to be able to position its OS to serve not just the desktop WIMP space, but also now the touch-enabled search-centric mobile-first always-on cloud-driven market -- then this is a reinvention that was never going to happen without the firm facing a little criticism.

But let's remember, the last time Microsoft launched an operating system there was no iPad (it was still six months away) and Linux was still (apart from a brief honeymoon period with netbooks) still comparatively "in the server room" by most people's estimation.

But since that time, Linux on mobile has grown massively and Android now accounts for 64% of the smartphone market in 2011 (says Gartner).

Also in 2011, we finally saw smartphones outsell PC for the first time and millions of those smart phones run Android.

As Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin suggests, the consumer market is "fully accustomed" to Linux-based software.