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Met Office selects 2ndQuadrant to help with data migration to open source

Computing - The Met Office has selected PostgreSQL specialists 2ndQuadrant to provide training, support and consultancy as the weather service bids to shift from proprietary database solutions that require a licence fee to other alternatives.

The selection of 2ndQuadrant comes after two pilot projects went into production in April when the Met Office's locations management database (Strabo) and LIDAR (light detector) data capture system were implemented again into object-relational database management system PostgreSQL and open source software program PostGIS.

"Making data accessible and available is at the forefront of our ICT strategy so, following some refreshingly comprehensive training delivered by 2ndQuadrant experts deeply immersed in the PostgreSQL community, we trust them to help us change the software which stores our vast quantities of data," said James Tomkins, data services portfolio technical lead at the Met Office.

"This is a titanic task which requires considerable investment in terms of time and training but, in the long run, simplifying our databases in this way will be cost effective."