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MoD releases code to GitHub: Our Ideaworks... sort of

The Register - The Ministry of Defence is to consider making some of its more "sophisticated" software available online, having for the first time publicly released code onto open-source site

The web application "Ideaworks" was developed by the MoD'S Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) for work collaboration.


A spokeswoman told El Reg: "Now that we better understand how the release process addresses legal, privacy and security issues, Dstl could be in a position to release more sophisticated software onto the internet in the future."

The software was chosen because of its simplicity. Dstl states on Github: "We don’t pretend that the code is the best ever written."

The spokeswoman said: "We wanted to understand what was required to release software under an OSS licence from inside MOD - as other government departments are already doing."

Andy Bell, chief technical officer at Dstl, said the intention is to benefit both the MoD and the public.