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Now Open Source Firmware Enters the Equation

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - I've written before about the folly of running Windows in a world where zero-day exploits are routinely used not just by criminals but also by spy agencies around the world, and there are claims that Microsoft was complicit in allowing them to be used in this way. An astonishing new document [.pdf] from the Kaspersky Lab confirms that you really have to be pretty masochistic to use Windows. It concerns a new group dubbed "Equation" by Kaspersky, which says quite simply:

The Equation group is probably one of the most sophisticated cyber attack groups in the world; and they are the most advanced threat actor we have seen.

It seems likely that it is an NSA operation, or perhaps some other US agency, but that's not what really interests me here. As you will see if you read the whole Kaspersky document, or this detailed story here on Computerworld UK, it is essentially an attack against Windows machines (although there is some evidence that Apple systems may also be affected.) No surprise there, obviously. But what is truly astonishing is the following: