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Open Source Mandatory for Indian Government Projects

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - I've written about the potential for open source in China several times, and the same can be said about India. Here's some big news on that front, just announced by the Government of India's Department Of Electronics & Information Technology [.pdf]:

Government of India shall endeavour to adopt Open Source Software in all e-Governance systems implemented by various Government organizations, as a preferred option in comparison to Closed Source Software (CSS).

The new policy is "mandatory", and applies to the following projects:

The policy shall be applicable to all Government Organisations under the Central Governments and those State Governments that choose to adopt this policy for the following categories of e-Governance systems:

All new e-Governance applications and systems being considered for implementation.

New versions of the legacy and existing system

It's particularly interesting to see that second class: typically, legacy systems are regarded as too hard to upgrade to completely new platforms. To include them in the new open source policy is a very bold move. Here's how the new policy will be applied: