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Open Source Outlook in UK Government still Cloudy?

ComputerWorldUK - Glyn Moody - I've been noting "hopeful" moves towards the wider use of open source by the UK government for so long that I daren't do it again. But the following is certainly worth mentioning:

Sirius, the UK's Flagship Open Source company, has confirmed that it has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud Framework and will be making the full range of Open Source products available through the CloudStore.

The UK Government has been working to make the purchasing of public sector ICT as simple and transparent as possible. All services listed on the CloudStore are part of the G-Cloud framework and so immediately available for the public sector to procure and use. For buyers this means:

No need to go through the time and expense of issuing OJEUs

Assurance that every product and service in the catalogue as been accredited to Government standards

Suppliers approved by Government as agile, efficient and offering value for money

Find low cost and high quality solutions simply

That's clearly good news, not least for Sirius - and deservedly so, given the amount of work the company has done trying to get the UK government to use open source more widely. But given my disappointments in the past, I'll reserve judgement until it's clear whether this latest announcement actually changes anything, and whether people in UK government will now give open source a fair chance, at least in the world of cloud computing.