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Open source patent protection extended to popular software

InfoWorld - Simon Phipps - OIN (the Open Invention Network) has announced important changes to its definition of what constitutes “the Linux system."

Licensing community participants were advised yesterday that, as of June 25, the Linux System Definition will include more than 100 new packages and updated versions of nearly 70 existing ones. This refresh brings Docker, Puppet, Nginx, the Ceph storage system, and the full LibreOffice suite under the OIN umbrella, as well as the Debian packaging tool APT, the Java build manager Maven, the reference implementations of the Go and Lua languages, and a number of other development tools and libraries. Coverage for Red Hat’s OpenShift project will also be significantly enhanced.

The update changes about 5 percent of the definition, which as OIN CEO Keith Bergelt points out, approximately matches the growth of the Linux kernel.