Document Actions Breaking up is hard to do

ITWorld - The proposal to shift into the Apache Foundation as an incubator project was approved in a vote over the weekend by a wide margin of 41-5. But the shiny new Apache "podling" won't come without birthing pains.

Rob Weir, ODF Architect for IBM, praised the vote outcome in his Monday blog entry, but then took the time to skewer critics of the move to Apache.

Weir's comments were directed at a "small but vocal minority of non-Apache members who disagreed with the proposal attempt to derail it." Weir stated that all opinions were welcome, but didn't seem too thrilled with the idea that some dissenting opinions were actually lobbying against the Apache vote: "The day open source advocates decide to [smother] a new project in its crib, because they personally favor a slightly more established project is the day that FOSS dies."