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Socitm challenges benefits of single local government website

Kable - Group calls for shared APIs and open source initiatives instead of single local portal 

Public sector IT managers' group Socitm has rejected the viability of a single service for local councils, favouring instead to provide authorities with tools and open source software that would still allow for sharing of resources without compromising local autonomy.

Despite accepting current frustrations with the "slow pace" of how local authorities are shifting to digital working, the organisation has questioned whether a single online resource for UK councils would be manageable. In particular, it raised concerns about whether a single local authority site could meet the specific needs of every individual council across the country as required for decentralised government.

Socitm has said it will publish further guidance in the coming months over how more open source, publically owned software and application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used at local council level to provide tools that better serve the unique needs of individual councils.