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Spain's Zaragoza continues gradual switch to open source

Joinup - The city of Zaragoza this summer successfully migrated the first of its Linux-based PCs to AZLinux12, a Linux distribution tailored on top of Ubuntu Linux, replacing AZLinux2 which was based on SUSE Linux. "We really prefer to use software that comes with long-term support", explains Eduardo Romero, the IT specialist leading the desktop migration project for the city administration.

The city currently has 800 of its 3200 PCs running Linux. Of these 800, 80 are running AZLinux12. The other 720 will follow over the coming months. "After that, we will gradually start migrating the other PCs, still running a decade-old proprietary operating system."

Zaragoza is using free and open source solutions where it can, says Romero. The city began in 2005 by installing web browser Firefox, email client Thunderbird and multimedia player VLC on all PCs. In 2007 it added the OpenOffice suite of office productivity tools. This is now installed on all of the city's 3200 PCs. The city's workers use Gimp for manipulating images, Inkscape for creating graphics, Pdfsam for editing PDF, Brasero for creating CDs, Kdenlive for editing video and Evince for displaying PDFs. Romero: "If there is free software alternative is available, we will use it."