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Suse drops LibreOffice -- and helps Collabora pick it up

ComputerWorld - Simon Phipps - Although an independent project, LibreOffice has relied on Suse for commercial support, which Collabora will now handle.

Earlier this week, AttachMate subsidiary Suse announced it was stopping development of LibreOffice and will facilitate the migration of staff contributors to a new business focussed on the code. Michael Meeks, a key developer on the LibreOffice project, along with many of his colleagues from Suse, have formed a new productivity suite business unit of the U.K. open source specialist Collabora, dubbed Collabora Productivity.

Meeks told me: "The core of the LibreOffice team, critical to contributing to the project and supporting our customers, is alive and well inside Collabora. We expect the effort applied to LibreOffice in the community to continue as before."