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Ubuntu's Shuttleworth's call to arms in open source stirs up controversy

NetworkWorld - Two weeks ago, at the kick-off to the Ubuntu Online Summit, Canonical founder – and space-traveler – Mark Shuttleworth presented an hour-long keynote. In many ways it was a fairly typical keynote, but Mark made one statement that really stuck in some people's craw.

"There is a reasonable prospect that if we work together as a community and we are opened, and were focused, generous, thoughtful, and our story is great, that we can, in fact, bring all the world's applications to a free software platform."

This is a delightful statement that, in general, conveys so much of the spirit of the broader Free and Open Source community. You'd be hard-pressed to find any member of any Open Source community who would disagree with the notion that we should work together in an open way.