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United Kingdom's central e-services site an open source showcase

Joinup - The United Kingdom's government unveiled its new central services and information website, GOV.UK, this week Tuesday. The site is completely built on open source, saving the government some 70 million GBP (about 86 million euro) compared to the previous site, according to Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office. He expects the site to achieve further savings "as more departments and agencies move to on the platform".

Commenting on the new site, the minister writes: "GOV.UK has been built using open source technology, which means we don’t have to pay expensive software licensing costs."

Minister Maude says the release of GOV.UK "is a key element in the Digital by Default agenda. Digital by Default aims to transform public services online – making them better and cheaper for taxpayers and more effective and efficient for government."

"Today marks the start of a new way of delivering public services digitally. GOV.UK is a platform for future digital innovation. In stark contrast to the way IT has been delivered in government in the past, GOV.UK can rapidly accommodate new standards for development and security, catering to emerging technologies and user requirements quickly and effectively."