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Why RAND Is Bad For Open Source

ComputerWorldUK -  Simon Phipps  - Here's an easy guide to the core issue in the UK Government's Open Standards Consultation so you can participate more easily. Please do - your country needs you!

By now, you're hopefully aware that there's a consultation in progress by the UK government on certain key aspects of their procurement strategy. Specifically, lobbying has re-opened the question of how "open standards" should be defined by the government for procurement purposes. The emergence of this zombie issue appears to be related once again to office productivity documents - yes, the OOXML vs ODF issue isn't over.

While this appeared to be settled following earlier work by the Cabinet Office, Glyn Moody has uncovered evidence that shows first how Microsoft, the BSA and associated companies have argued that it is unfair to their proprietary software business to require mandatory standards to be free from patent encumbrances placed by the authors of the standards, and second that this opposition appears to only applies to cases where the standards in question disadvantage proprietary interests.