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 OFE (Openforum Europe) launches a formal UK Chapter, firmly endorsing the UK Cabinet Office's Open Standards Principles. The new Chapter is looking to support the Principles within central government and the diffusion of the ideas and benefits to the entire public sector and those engaged with it. In order to facilitate this, the UK Chapter has been set up to allow wider and easier interchange between community volunteers and supporters and the public sector.


 Letter to Francis Maude MP, May 2014

Rt. Hon. Francis Maude MP

Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General


15th May 2014


Dear Minister,

May I thank you for your speech at the Public Sector Show 2014 and for your plan to support SMEs in accordance with your 5 principles. If I may I would add to your list the importance of the published Open Standards Principles and its applicability not only to IT but to IT enabled services, especially important in a digital by default world.

I asked about progress being made by the Open Standards Board in the consultation on document formats, particularly .ODF (Open Document Format). OFE would very much appreciate an understanding of the current considerations from your point of view. As you may have been informed, we are about to launch a formal UK chapter of OFE and that will be one of the issues where we would welcome re-engagement.

OFE strongly believes that only an appropriate implementation of the ODF standard without extensions can deliver full, low cost interoperability for editable documents. The admission of any other editable document 'standard' will lead to creeping lock-in, reducing interoperability and backward fidelity, increasing cost in the longer term.

Basil Cousins

Director - UK

Openforum Europe

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